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From Wolverine and the X-Men #19 by Aaron/Bradshaw.

(Fat Cobra should be in every comic)

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30 Days of Marvel—#11 Favorite Power—Bride of Nine Spiders



I actually looked up a general list of Marvel characters to scroll through everybody to decide what power I would say is my favorite.  I instantly thought Thor because I have a thing for lightening, storms and super strength.  But I already wrote a lot about Thor then I thought Storm.  As much as I love Storm, I also dislike her.  I’m not a huge X-Men fan.

I love telepathy.  That’s always fascinated me.  I want to be able to read minds to understand people, but that’s too typical.  There are too many mind readers in fictional worlds whether it’s Marvel or not.


That was when I realized Iron Fist had my favorite power.  While I was about to start writing about Danny Rand, I realized that was me lying to myself.  The Immortal Weapons have a lot to offer the world and tend to be ignored.

The Bride of Nine Spiders has my favorite powers.  Everything about her is love and envy defined by a single character.


Therefore, The Bride of Nine Spiders has my favorite powers.  Her abilities are utterly terrifying yet somehow beautiful.  There is a lot of grace with her movement and so much power.  She is able to release a swarm of spiders from her mouth and chest in battle.  (Spiders are my favorite animal.)  She had to work hard though for her skills, which I respect and love in a character.  Bride of Nine Spiders is well trained in the Martial Arts, a part of the Immortal Weapons and is also able to communicate with others through dreams.  As if this wasn’t enough, she is able to skewer people by 

I love the fact that she is able to back up all her abilities with her skills in the martial arts.  Bride of Nine Spiders was originally introduced by Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction and David Aja when they were writing The Immortal Iron Fist.  Before they were able to develop a life of her own, she entered during the tournament in the Seven Cities of Heaven arc.  She enters and practically destroys Dog Brother #1 in their round.  What is there not to love about her and such an entrance?  


Recently, The Defenders is delving into the past of The Immortal Weapons and I hope Marvel will give more justice to Bride of Nine Spiders.  Her powers are fascinating and beautifully drawn.  I cannot stop staring at panels that involve her and the swarms of spiders that she calls into battle.  Each one is twisted and haunting yet I find her and her abilities to be oddly beautiful.

Bride of Nine Spiders is captivating. 

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let’s talk the talk of men

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Win win?

Immortal Weapons - Fat Cobra, by Aja, Swierczynski and Aaron

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Bride of Nine Spiders

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A Prince of Orphans.

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Prince of Orphans

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Iron Fist kickin’ back. Colored up, with dojo.

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Iron Fist by myself, Henry Varona.

Drawn on 11/3/2012.

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Sweet suckle nipples of Sou-Lou this is amazing.


Sweet suckle nipples of Sou-Lou this is amazing.

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Aw, Danny, you are a sad abandoned puppy.

I like your the IIF suit better though.

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